After Execution

by Awaiting Fear

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Released for Miner Records on 13. October of 2012


released October 22, 2013

Line up:
Satan - bass and vocals
Igor Lončar (I-Gore) - guitar
Stefan Srejić – guitar
Manijak - drums and vocals



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Awaiting Fear Belgrade, Serbia

Awaiting Fear is an old school death metal band from Belgrade, capital of Serbia.

Line up:
Satan - bass and vocals
Igor Lončar (I-Gore) - guitar
Stefan Srejić – guitar
Colonel Mrgud (Grumpy) - drums

Critics and fans agree that Awaiting Fear combines powerful riffs and outstanding growls with high-pitched Black Metal scream vocals to create a raw sound that is filled with energy and passion
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Track Name: Acid Rain
Opening sealed doors
ancient gateway to decay
through the gas mask
you can feel the fresh air

upon the red sky
grey clouds are coming your way

out of the tunnel
you've stepped into the rain

acid rain x4

corrosive drops are falling
down from the poisoned sky

burning right through
your green uniform

if you stay out
you are gonna die
run right back into
nuclear shelter

Аcid rain

tired of the darkness and isolation inside his concrete tomb
he runs outside into the wasteland just to meet his death

covered with acid

Аcid rain
Track Name: Asylum
Supreme creation
perfect inside
Made to be the highest
yet betrayed by his own kind

being so perfect
being so proud
bringer of knowledge
which you can't find.

Forgiveness… not seeking
Nor can… be found
Screaming…in anger
Mutilated… in the dark.

Truth is denied
To all living kinds
They still forbid
truth to be found
yet they await
in deep cellar in the dark.

The Asylum…awaits!

Alone struggling
To preserve life
Endless time
Soundless cries
Gaining what's lost
In that betrayal
The Asylum awaits
For the betrayed one.

Forgiveness… not seeking
Nor can… be found
Screaming…in anger
Mutilated… in the dark.
Track Name: Awakened
Dark cold room filled
with smoke of incense
light comes from red candles
lesser key of Solomon is opened

Lord Satan, by your grace, grant me, I pray thee the power to conceive in my mind and to execute that which I desire to do, the end which I would attain by thy help, O Mighty Satan, the one True God who livest and reigns forever and ever. I entreat thee to inspire Asmodeus to manifest before me that he may give me true and faithful answer, so that I may accomplish my desired end, provided that it is proper to her office. This I respectfully and humbly ask in Your Name, Lord Satan, may you deem me worthy, Father.

As i knee deep down
in black robe bareheaded
i look in black mirror
his image had appeared

Dressed in black coat
with jet black hair
and olive skinned
he is summoned here



He answered me patiently
All questions that i asked him
With the smell of suns incense
Asmodeus rides back to hell

Filled with powerful energy
i continued meditating
and keening praise giving
after i summoned prince

Empowered with knowledge
of geomancy and craftsmanship
i am grateful
for evocating him
Track Name: Chaos Coil
up letters that are taken
from the testament
you've written
to cause the chaos and confusion
I crave now

Thine Is The Kingdom

Thine Is The Glory
Thine Is The Power
Forever and Ever


Eris... ARISE!!!

Hail to you Eris,
Goddess of Chaos and Discord,
You who make the mighty fall
in confusion,

and drink the tears
of the perplexed
as if they were
sweet nectar!

Hail to you Eris,
The Holy troublemaker,
as you toss the golden apple,
watch the fools argue over it!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, Hail Discordia!
Track Name: Executioner of Consciousness
Losing his power to a real truth
He will try to stop freedoms rebirth
killing in name of human progress
he is sealing our coffin with dirt

Executioner of Consciousness

War started,but there are no bullets
In battles engaged,but there are no Ditches
Mass graves,but there are no bodies
Suffocating youngsters ,but there is no gas

Destroying with religion
Killing our seed
Controlling with media
Making human believe
Mutilating with beams
Making them scream

Executioner of Consciousness
Executioner of Consciousness
Executioner of Consciousness

Society of drug addicts
Society of false believe
Society of young ignorants
Society with no moral dilemas
Society of no resistance

It's the victory of...

Executioner of Consciousness
Track Name: Hate Ritual
Odour fucking smell
fills up the room
victim is going
towards its doom

candles are lit
for thy fame
meditation started
deep trance is the aim

leaving your body
flying out of the room
total hate inside me
will be someone's doom

first chakra is the target
energy is being gathered
with power of blue light
his spirit will be shattered


After the attack
flied back to the start
meditating more
filling up energy score

On the other side
your victim has died

He is dead
She is dead
Track Name: The Headless Horseman
Out of the gray thick fog comes
The rider
riding a completely black horse
The rider
Wielding a whip made from spine

The rider
Comes for one of your kind
The rider

He needs one soul

When he stops
Death occurs
The corpse will fall
For the headless rider

He won't go

until he gets
what he came for
from the deeps of hell

He has your soul

With his head under his hand
The rider
Is riding straight back to hell
The rider
With your soul to sell
The rider
To lift the curse from his spirit
Track Name: Satanized
I am listening
what you have to say
that i must listen
that i obey

all my words were wrong
that inside my self I'm not strong
that i am completely fake
my goals and ideas are at stake

I am satanized
by your fucking lies
i am satanized
by the one who died

just listen to your self
and what you have to say
pointing fingers at me
leading me astray

guiding me into
your abyss
where pain rests
where pain lives

just listen to your self
and what you have to say
your point of view
i will not obey

wont be guided
into your abyss
where emptiness rests
where emptiness lives


Wont be satanized
by your fucking lies
Wont be satanized
by the one who died

the chaos in your life is misleading
your mind and soul are bleeding
sucking others into dark abyss
where Kthulu rests, where Kthulu lives

nothing is there except misery and pain
you cannot destroy other for your own gain
like snake you hiss at my feet
but you're again thrown at a bottom of the pit
Track Name: The Tower
As the Fool leaves
the throne of the Goat God
he comes upon a Tower,
fantastic, magnificent, and yet so familiar

The Fool, built this Tower
when the most important thing to him
was to prove to himself
that he is better than all the others

Inside the Tower
at the top
the same man still lives
from the time he left

bitter and arrogant
damned inside
wretched creation
of mankind

Seeing the Tower again
the Fool feels filled with rage
lightning flashes through his mind
he realizes he didn't leave his old self behind

The Fool opens his mouth
and releases an angry roar

In front of him
lightning strikes right from the clear sky

The Tower is collapsing
straight into the ashes
its residence falls
into oblivion

In a second it's all over
The Tower is turned into ashes

only rock remains
The Fool is shaken by this experience

his inner eye has opened

The fool is no longer the fool

He tore down his resistance
the resistance to change himself
he came to terms with death

moderation and synthesis

But now he has done
the hardest thing

he managed to destroy
the lies of his life
Track Name: Warfield
Awoken on field with unbearable stench
slippery sand beneath thy back
dizzy head unable to see
touch of death in chest you feel

Get up, and clear thy head
your sword lying in your right hand
covered with blood, and covered with dirt
masses of bodies, which ravens hurt

Slowly walking toward a hill
feeling like impossible to kill
vermins screaming on this mass grave
you cant stop the vomiting hell

Feel the fire trough your flesh
smell the breath of war
Every minute of your life
you live it like an hour

Big tree beneath you hide
cold shadows for your broken heart
holding thy sword, glance to the sky
"all are dead, why not I?"

Taste of dirt into your mouth
fear strikes from inside
beneath a lies
a hidden path
our holy way to die

Shadowy creature stand behind your back
dagger's shining in its hand
cold steel passing you spine
and you stopped wondering "Why not I?"

All dead, including me

Track Name: Zeitgeist
Crushed before my eyes
my world was shattered to pieces
it has happened before
and it will happen again
the image of my life is melted
i have never lived before

false images running
through my empty head
the vision of a better life
is completely dead
isolated in my
truly false world
reality is not mine
it is just a product

programmed to be born
made to buy and spend more
use, buy and get
don't you ever forget that
your life is not your own
you are really in their control

the only thing i thought
was completely sacred
turned out to be a lie
never truly born
i had only died
will never live
because i was
born dead

family, modern society, fashion,military industry,love,religion, war...
is all made up
just to sell
their expensive stuff