Various Appearances

by Awaiting Fear

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This album represents collection of our various appearances on compilations, some promo recordings, ect...


released July 7, 2013



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Awaiting Fear Belgrade, Serbia

Awaiting Fear is an old school death metal band from Belgrade, capital of Serbia.

Line up:
Satan - bass and vocals
Igor Lončar (I-Gore) - guitar
Stefan Srejić – guitar
Colonel Mrgud (Grumpy) - drums

Critics and fans agree that Awaiting Fear combines powerful riffs and outstanding growls with high-pitched Black Metal scream vocals to create a raw sound that is filled with energy and passion
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Track Name: Noći Užasa
Vidio sam noći užasa
Vidio sam đecu bez glava
Vidio sam zene bez stomaka
Vidio sam vatre bez zara

Noći užasa

Vidio sam Zokija bez lanci
Vidio sam Uzi je naci
Vidio sam Srpsku metal scenu
Bolje da sam gled'o Lepu Brenu
Vidio sam sebe u raju
Vidio sam sebe ko dželata
Vidio sam Manijaka bez stomaka
Vidio sam Filipa bez žara

Noći užasa

Vidio sam pesme idu redom
Vidio sam Majner nije šala
Vidio sam gomilu vinila
Vidio sam Milan mi je tatatata

Noći užasa

Vidio sam Dača je u Kugi
vidio sam Džeta, Oglu ljubi
Vidio sam Đoleta sa ribom
Našao je dok je pec'o Ibrom
Vidio sam Igora sa švepsom
Zbog računa tužio se s'epsom
Vidio sam Sreju bez solaža
Naduvo' se, ritmika mu draža

Noći užasa

Vidio sam Nefasa bez šminke
Vidio sam Erola bez klinke
Vidio sam Petru kako ćuti
Dule s' prišivačima da muti

Noći užasa
Track Name: Awakened - Promo 2010
A scent in the night
toward the north
awakened a force
she never knew she owned.

Дођи о дивљи псу
Ми који смо били оковани сада те призивамо
Ми који смо спознали слободу
Сада пратимо твој дух
Наш дах кружи шумом
Дивљина се улива у наш дух

Away from this world
away from its lies
away from deception
in rage she cried.

Requiem of death
requiem of life
in the wood's shadows
under THE moon - she howled.

Away from the city
she ran in anger
call of the wild
in her head echoed.

She took of her skin
seen the world with new eyes
felt how everything grows
became one of bloodlines.
Track Name: Glorification Of Failure - Promo 2010
Sadistic intent of destruction
Starting the chemical reaction
Burning the Holy crucifiction
Destroying mental confrontation

Completely mental retardation
Destroying sacred life's creation
Circumcising recreation
Defying bodies own salvation

Crying wall of desolation
Forever lived imagination
Preaching peace and restoration
Awaiting ultimate destruction

Glorification of Failure

Always been to me
Always lived like

Glorified their lies
Only to fail yourself
Glorified their lives
Just to fail yourself

Glorify their lies
Only to fail yourself...
Track Name: Hate Ritual - Promo 2010
Odour fucking smell
fills up the room
victim is going
towards its doom

candles are lit
for thy fame
meditation started
deep trance is the aim

leaving your body
flying out of the room
total hate inside me
will be someone's doom

first chakra is the target
energy is being gathered
with power of blue light
his spirit will be shattered


After the attack
flied back to the start
meditating more
filling up energy score

On the other side
your victim has died

He is dead
She is dead
Track Name: Warfield - Promo 2011

Awoken on field with unbearable stench
slippery sand beneath thy back
dizzy head unable to see
touch of death in chest you feel

Get up, and clear thy head
your sword lying in your right hand
covered with blood, and covered with dirt
masses of bodies, which ravens hurt

Slowly walking toward a hill
feeling like impossible to kill
vermins screaming on this mass grave
you cant stop the vomiting hell

Feel the fire trough your flesh
smell the breath of war
Every minute of your life
you live it like an hour

Big tree beneath you hide
cold shadows for your broken heart
holding thy sword, glance to the sky
"all are dead, why not I?"

Taste of dirt into your mouth
fear strikes from inside
beneath a lies
a hidden path
our holy way to die

Shadowy creature stand behind your back
dagger's shining in its hand
cold steel passing you spine
and you stopped wondering "Why not I?"

All dead, including me

Track Name: Zeitgeist - Demo 2011
Crushed before my eyes
my world was shattered to pieces
it has happened before
and it will happen again
the image of my life is melted
i have never lived before

false images running
through my empty head
the vision of a better life
is completely dead
isolated in my
truly false world
reality is not mine
it is just a product

programmed to be born
made to buy and spend more
use, buy and get
don't you ever forget that
your life is not your own
you are really in their control

the only thing i thought
was completely sacred
turned out to be a lie
never truly born
i had only died
will never live
because i was
born dead

family, modern society, fashion,military industry,love,religion, war...
is all made up
just to sell
their expensive stuff

Track Name: Executioner of Consciousness - Promo 2012
Losing his power to a real truth
He will try to stop freedoms rebirth
killing in name of human progress
he is sealing our coffin with dirt

Executioner of Consciousness

War started,but there are no bullets
In battles engaded,but there are no Ditches
Mass graves,but there are no bodies
Suffocating youngsters ,but there is no gas

Destroying with religion
Killing our seed
Controling with media
Making human belive
Mutilating with beams
Making them scream

Executioner of Consciousness
Executioner of Consciousness
Executioner of Consciousness

Society of drug addics
Society of false belive
Society of young ignorants
Society with no moral dilemas
Society of no ressistance

It's the victory of...

Executioner of Consciousness